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Losing Your Mother

Personal Narratives

Share your personal narrative about the loss of your mother to help others deal with the pain. "Goodbye Mom" by James Kendrick will ease the pain of losing your mom by allowing you to realize that you're not alone. James hopes to collect at least 500 letters written to their mothers and compile them in a book that will help readers deal with the pain.Your letter to your mom may help.

The struggle you face after the loss of your mother can be made easier to deal with through writing. Your letters will console readers and offer a helping hand during a troubled time.

Contact James Kendrick in Highland, Indiana, with your letters via the website or through the U.S Postal Service

About Us

Help with the loss of a mother by writing letters to your mother to be published in "Goodbye Mom" written by James Kendrick in Highland, Indiana. You can help countless others who are dealing with the same loss.

About the Author

James Kendrick has 10 years of experience and enjoys writing poetry and has been known to write poems for those grieving the death of family members. He presents his work at wakes of deceased friends and family with the intention of touching their hearts and helping ease the pain of losing their loved ones.

With a background in psychology, James knows the importance of getting in in touch with your feelings. He had been working on this book for about five years, when his father's passing in October of 2012 made him realize that he needed to finish it. A portion of all profits made from this book will go to the St. Jude's™ Children's Research Hospital.

After the completion of "Goodbye Mom," James plans to write a similar book for dealing with the loss of
a father.